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Zero Exhausts is a division of Dolphin Sports Cars

Zero Exhausts

About Us

Zero Exhausts used to be a division of Dolphin Sports Cars. We specialised in the restoration, service and modification of high performance and classic sports cars. Our customers demanded a top class job with quality parts being used throughout.

We couldn’t guarantee this when it came to the exhaust system so we imported an Ercolina Mandrel Tube Bender from Italy and a Ben Pearson hydraulic tube bender from the USA.

In addition to this, we also designed and built the tooling to make the mufflers and solved the problem by making everything ourselves.

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You’re most welcome to come along to our workshop, to save you waiting it’s always best to ring first and let us know you would like to visit us.

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We imported the very best machinery, to give our clients a world class job…

304 Grade Stainless Used Throughout | Zero Back Pressure …Non Restrictive Straight Through Mufflers

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Kevin Hoare

Zero Exhausts

Kevin Hoare

Kevin Hoare has over 50yrs of experience in the car industry starting as an apprentice mechanic in a Ford Dealership when leaving school then moving on to panel beating/spraying in the late 70’s.

In the early 0’s while running his MG Restoration Company he discovered that it was very difficult to obtain good quality stainless steel exhausts, so he invested in the tube bending machinery and in 2003 started Zero Exhausts.

Over the years he has built up an excellent reputation for quality of product, these being sold to customers all over the world. Some of the most recognised can be found in the Heroes page.

He designs and manufactures exhaust systems for all types of vehicle…. even light aircraft!

See existing systems in Products or Contact him for a friendly chat about your requirements.


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